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        VADODARA - 390001 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. SUMIT KAINTHOLA
        Tel No. 0 - 9898254941
        NDT Level II Training, NDT Services And NDT Consultants, Untrasonic Testing, Thickness Measurement, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing. ...More

        BHARUCH - 394116 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. D M MEHTA
        Tel No. 0 - 9323123193
        Ndt Services, Non Destructive Testing ...More

        VADODARA - 390010 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. JITENDRA D. DAVE
        Tel No. 265 - 2657469/ 3047027
        Metal Testing Services, Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing, Mechanical Testing, Metallurgical Testing, Zinc Coating Test,Corrosion Testing, NDT Services, Ultrasonic Testing ...More

        VADODARA - 390007 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR.NIMESH ACHARYA
        Tel No. 265 - 2256512
        Specializes In Advanced NDT Techniques ...More

        VADODARA - 390002 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. UAM GOPAL DAS c
        Tel No. 265 - 2259226 / 92
        Third Party Inspection, Designing Services, Consultancy Services, NDT Services, Welding Consultants, Welding Work, Project Consultats, Instrumentation ...More

        AHMEDABAD - 380009 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. JASPAL PARMAR
        Tel No. 79 - 65222299
        N D T Services, Testing Laboratories. ...More

        VADODARA - 390005 ,INDIA
        Contact Person: MR. MIHIR PANDYA
        Tel No. 0 - 7359131314
        Electrical Motor Services, NDT Service, Structure Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, Mfg of Centrifugal Blower. ...More

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